Huawei wants to be the first to launch a smartphone retractable in the market

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Has long been rumored that Samsung is working on a smart phone foldable. It is expected that the company launches finally its long-awaited early next year. However, it is reported that Huawei help to be the first to bring a smart phone and a folding-in the true sense of the word to the market, not like the phone ZTE Axon M of ZTE Corporation.

Reports news agency Nikkei, citing sources in the sector are familiar with the subject that the company Huawei is planning to launch the first smartphone folding with a flexible display before Samsung. This will enable Chinese manufacturer to claim the title of being the first company in the world to launch such a smartphone.

The report adds that the phone Huawei folding will feature a flexible OLED screen manufactured by the Chinese company BOE specialized in the display industry. The first installment may be limited, but this is no problem for Huawei, as long as the first objective is to outperform the Samsung.

Said a source familiar with the plan Huawei the author of the report : ” it is possible to write company Huawei producing between 20 thousand and 30 thousand units, or even less for a small group of users first“, and added : ” the primary goal is to show the ability of technology to own and to attract the attention of the market and media coverage “.

It is unclear so far. when will Huawei this phone really as it will be. It is reported that the smartphone foldable from Samsung will be released in the first quarter of 2019, so I’m supposed to see Huawei reveal her smart phone rollaway before that if the content of this report is indeed true.


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