Huawei wants to follow the applications of the appropriate application store of Google

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

It seems that Huawei had sought to get partners in the past year to fill its own application store.

Reported news agency poor today that Huawei trying for a while to attract developers to develop apps and launch them on store Huawei App Gallery own. It is estimated that Huawei told the developers they will make huge numbers of users in China, in addition to 50 million users in Europe if they decided to launch their app store Huawei App Gallery.

They even provided a simple way for developers to make applications developed for Google Play Store compatible with store Huawei App Gallery, reported the news agency poor. May be this effort is part of a plan Huawei backup in the case of the U.S. government to eventually ban the company from working with American companies, which is what’s happening right now.

Didn’t know Huawei directly on the report of the poor, but it is highlighted in a statement sent via e-mail at ” their contributions to great ” in global growth for the Android system of Google.

Was to highlight the danger of relying on Google last Sunday, when I cut the company to do business with Huawei, which means that the customer for Huawei outside of China will lose access to applications and services such as Google Play Store. Came Google’s decision in the wake of an executive order issued by US President Donald Trump last week which ban the actual company Huawei in the United States, including their ability to obtain goods and services from American companies.

Perhaps be the founder of Huawei, Mr Ren Zhengfei has hinted the company’s plan for Store apps Huawei Apps Gallery on Tuesday, in comments reportedly made to the Chinese news agency CCTV, which said that the actions of the U.S. government at the current time, using the capabilities of Huawei.

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