Huawei wants to replace Google Play Aptoide. What it is

A wide range of software is what forms the value of the operating system. The app not only suggests that the platform lives, but, in fact, allow us to replace even upgrade, providing users missing functions. Huawei understands this and, wishing success for their new OS, takes the most drastic measures, not to deny their users access to the software. For example, trying to negotiate with a direct competitor to Google Play.

Few people know that there are several app stores for Android. Most of them, of course, are pathetic parodies on Google Play, but Aptoide is proud to be considered a full-fledged counterpart. It Huawei and decided to incorporate into its operating system Hongmeng, the more it will support all Android apps.

Aptoide differs from other catalogs apps for Android. Not only that, its range is about 900 thousand applications, so also his audience is more than 200 million users worldwide. But what attracts them in Aptoide?

Best replacement for Google Play

First Aptoide, of course, loved by Chinese users, although the directory was created in Portugal. Aptoide gives them access to applications they cannot download in Google Play due to the fact that the brand Google doesn’t work in Chinese territory.

However, a mistake to think that Aptoide is Kitaigorodsky the app store. It includes many of the usual programs from mobile client “Vkontakte” and Instagram to the top games like PUBG and, say, Asphalt. But with banking applications napryazhenka. The range is Aptoide app “Sberbank Business, Sberbank Investor”, but Sberbank Online to Russian customers – no.

Where to download the free app for Android

But the main advantage over Google Play Aptoide is the absolute gratuitousness. Any application – even the one in Google Play covers for the money in Aptoide can be downloaded totally free. However, to pay for any program or game you can still by purchasing the premium version, which, however, does not have any differences from the standard. In Aptoide payment – this is a voluntary gesture to make which you are not obliged.

And yet, can Aptoide to replace Google Play? As a temporary solution perhaps.

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