Huawei wants to replace Google services with its services rather than the system itself

Because the Huawei has shipped millions of smartphones, but they still rely on Google services Google Mobile Services and this gives her a reason to focus on expanding its own service Huawei Mobile Services as an alternative.

It was expected to solve the system of harmony of Huawei in the first replace Android. And with that, this is not the case when it launched a series Mate 30 running Android but without Google services because of the U.S. ban.

Confirmed one of the officials of the Huawei that the company will continue to rely on the Android system in its phones of the future because the conversion to a new operating system will require years of development the police will need also to gain the user’s trust, and this means that the company wants to replace Google services with its services, but not Android itself at the moment.

Services Huawei Huawei Mobile (HMS) is relatively new at this stage and will take years to become fully ready.

Company has already confirmed that the system of harmony will not replace Android, so without a strong ecosystem for apps distinguished by its own service, will face Huawei hard time convincing users to buy its phones, which is very similar to what happened with Microsoft and Windows Phone.

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