Huawei was leaving phones Section 8 years ago

When we talk about the best smartphones in the market today, the smart phones of the Chinese company Huawei will be in the Start menu often, although the recent problems in the United States and entered the Black List.

However, there is nothing to prevent Huawei from continuing to launch phones in prison which was 8 years ago, on the verge of closing a section of smart phones due to poor sales.

According to one of the company officials who appeared in a video clip recently, it was the work of the Huawei is very small and it was pointless to continue, adding to the customer experience which was bad, before it is a big decision to make development of products of medium and high quality to promote the company and its brand, this was a bold decision highly contributed to the success of the company in the end.

Today, Huawei is a major player in the smartphone market and launches periodically phones medium specifications and phones pioneer helped her in achieving the very high sales.

Source: YouTube

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