Huawei will be able to stay afloat without the US

Against one company went the whole country. And even if this company Huawei is huge and influential, to conduct a trade war against one of the largest equipment suppliers in the world, which is USA, without huge losses is simply impossible. Huawei has done incredible work to counter the trends of the mobile industry, when issues of national security prompted President trump to put an end to the business relations of the Chinese technology giant with U.S. companies and even foreign companies that use “creative technologies of the USA”.

Although it is impossible to predict how it will develop the Sino-us trade war in the coming months and how catastrophic is the damage it can inflict a thriving division of Huawei smartphones in both the short and long term, one thing seems to be clear. The company’s sales will inevitably suffer. Actually, judging by numerous recent publications in foreign editions, they have fallen in the European and Asian regions.

In General, for obvious reasons, is now extremely difficult to make any predictions about the future of Huawei. However, experts from companies Fubon Research and Strategy Analytics feel relatively confident in our forecasts about reduction of supply of smartphones Huawei in 4-24 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. Of course, this is not quite accurate forecasts, but they are designed to take into account as the most favorable and the worst case scenario of current events.

If Huawei will eventually lose access to all apps, Google services and the Android operating system in General, in the following year a popular brand can be completely “wiped off the face of the Western European smartphone market”, the Dale on which the last years, the company fought so hard for. As a direct result of this ruthless “repression” Strategy Analytics expects the sales of smartphones Huawei will fall another 23 percent in 2020 compared to the year 2019.

The same gloomy prognosis followed from Fubon Research, which believes that the sales of Huawei in 2019 would decline from a former 258 million units to about 200 million in the “worst case scenario”. Of course, it’s still a lot of smartphones, and this will probably be enough to keep the company in the top three world leaders. In fact, even if Huawei will lose support from Google and Qualcomm for all, its mobile business will be able to easily survive on the “vast territories of the Chinese market.” But it remains unclear one detail – how Huawei could continue to produce processors for smartphones without ARM.

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