Huawei will build a new plant in Brazil for $ 800 million

Think of the giant Chinese telecom Huawei to strengthen its presence in developing countries such as Brazil to meet growing demand for its phones, so they plan to establish a new factory in Sao Paulo with an investment value of 800 billion dollars.

On a visit to China, met the governor of São Paulo with the managers of Huawei confirmed that the Chinese company plans to build the plant to meet the growing demand in Brazil, especially with the launch of the fifth generation of the communication cell, which will be in March 2020.

It is planned to be ready after three years will be only smart phones offers a person, can sell the surplus to foreign markets after meeting domestic demand in Brazil.

Brazil is a vital market and active communications services and mosques, where rivals Huawei strongly like Ericsson and Nokia have factories in São Paulo and draws attention to services to launch the fifth generation.

Recall that the Huawei is available in Brazil for more than 20 years and has already a factory for the production of telecommunications network equipment and to calculate its two thousand employees.

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