Huawei will continue to do business with American companies for an additional three months

Huawei Company

Blocked Huawei from dealing with American companies in May of this year, but it received few days later a permit to temporarily allow it to continue to deal with American companies for a limited time. He was in front of the Chinese company 90 days to deal with corporate America, but this time limit is over today.

According to the news agency Reuters, it is expected to extend the Ministry of commerce business license granted to Huawei for about another three months, we hope to be able to United States of America and China in this new time limit to reach an agreement on their disputes of an ongoing business.

Got news agency Reuters this information from ” a source familiar with the situation ” because we didn’t get any official comment about this topic from both sides. Used the United States of America currently Huawei as a bargaining chip in its talks with the Chinese government, where he is expected to discuss the co-chairs Donald Trump and Xi Jinping the future of the company later this week.

According to the Ministry of trade, American, Wilbur Ross, has more than 50 companies to submit their own requests to obtain licenses to continue its business with Huawei. Among the 70 million USD expended by company Huawei on the plug-in 2018, I went about $ 11 billion to American companies like Qualcomm, Intel, Micron, which manufactures components such as processors, memory chips, antennas and 5G.


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