Huawei will create more of the devices HarmonyOS in the next year and sell them at the global level


Planning company Huawei to launch more devices running HarmonyOS own in the next year I will market it to the world. However, there are no plans to update its phones, tablets and personal computers to use operating system its. Police said already they won’t release the phone system provider HarmonyOS this year it seems we won’t see this phone in the next year also.

Will just using the system HarmonyOS in other devices such as smart watches, despite the fact that current smart watches to buy Huawei running LiteOS. Planning company Huawei also create a speakers smart devices, virtual reality will be a system HarmonyOS. Smart TVs are also in the list note that they have already launched Smart TV Honor Vision in China, which is a TV that will work its way to Europe in the near future.

Although the plan aims to develop HarmonyOS to a complete operating system features able to run the smart phones, however the company prefer to stick with Android up to replace the services of Google Mobile Services. You think the company is currently working on extensions to continue use of the technology and services offered by American companies.


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