Huawei will introduce their own maps to compete with Google Maps

Contradictory statements of the leaders of Huawei about the new operating system, which they did in the media, does not cause users nothing other than feelings of resentment. The impression was that the Chinese just toss from side to side, adapting to the changeable moods of Donald trump, who promised to withdraw from the company sanctions it threatened to keep and even expand them. Today, however, the model of conduct Huawei became clear, after all, her plans were really grandiose.

It turns out that Huawei does not intend to be limited to only one operating system, planning to build an extensive ecosystem. And that information about it was leaked to the web ahead of time, the Chinese — though not too cleverly — veiled contradictory statements. Part of the new ecosystem will be its own map platform company called Map Kit. Developers will be able to use it in their applications and services instead of Google Maps. And since access to maps search giant Huawei is likely to lose in the foreseeable future, the Chinese decided not to delay and prescribe a new product launch in October.

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It is known that the new service Huawei is developing jointly with Yandex and travel site Holdings, which have considerable experience in creating maps and developing technologies orienteering. In this regard, we can assume that Huawei has not built its platform from scratch, and used the best practices of our partners. In the result Map Kit at the start will be translated into 40 languages, covering more than 150 countries. How, in your opinion, is the right move? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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Obviously, Huawei has finally realized that it is impossible indefinitely to rely on relief from the United States. Even if the American government for some time, weaken the sanctions, allowing the company to continue to support existing products, in the long run, Huawei is still better to have a back-up airfield, where it will be able to go in case of escalation of the conflict between America and China.

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Startup Map Kit means a lot to Huawei. The existence of its own mapping platform confirms that the company intends to develop and expand the upcoming ecosystem, which will subsequently allow it to be a solid competition to Google. And, given the financial capabilities of Huawei and its credibility among users, it has all the chances to not only to deny the search giant access to all your audience but also to bypass it in the impact on the market.

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