Huawei will not sell processors HiSilicon Kirin other manufacturers

HiSilicon Kirin

Is Huawei one of the few companies that develop and use their own processors in its smart phones. As you probably know, the company Samsung is also within these companies, but the latter do not use processors Exynos in its smart phones, but also sell other manufacturers also. For the purchase of Huawei, they are used processors HiSilicon Kirin own smart phones, only, have confirmed the Chinese company now they do not intend to provide these processors to other companies.

Tell Brody Ji, who held the post of director of consumer products at Huawei, told journalists recently that the company has no plans to sell the processors HiSilicon Kirin own other companies.

He explained that Huawei are dealing with processors HiSilicon Kirin as IP, enabling them to compete better with other competing companies so that he stated by saying : ” for Huawei, they are not considered HiSilicon as a subsidiary of the company, no product or technique works as a competitor for brands competition in the market of smart phones “.

It should be noted that HiSilicon is the section responsible for the design and development of processors Kirin to buy the Huawei. As you all notice most likely, but Huawei tend to use their own processors in a large number of smart phones, despite the fact that they used some of the processors Snapdragon of Qualcomm in a number of smart phones, other. Smartphones will continue leading and medium enterprises, a subsidiary of Huawei in the use of the processor HiSilicon Kirin, while will use the processor Snapdragon from Qualcomm in smartphones flowing.



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