Huawei will return the money if Google will turn off its smartphones from their services

Huawei already resigned to the fact that U.S. sanctions will inevitably lead to a drop in sales of its smartphones. Analysts forecast a decline of about 40%, which, given the scale of the impact Huawei could take a pretty serious hit on its income. Worst of all, the Chinese are difficult to deal with it, because consumers trite fear for the future of smartphones of the brand, believing that off from Android and Google services will actually leave them with “bricks”. But it seems that Huawei has found a solution if not attract, at least not to scare off buyers from their vehicles.

To reassure consumers, Huawei has promised to all buyers of its smartphones, they will work with all the usual apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as will not lose access to any of Google’s services.

And if it still happens, the company is willing to reimburse the cost of the device. This rule applies to all smartphones and tablets from Huawei and is valid for two years from the date of acquisition, but only in the Philippines. Obviously, this country was selected for testing of the reparations programme due to its remoteness and relative lack of mention of it in the information field.

Huawei will work with Android applications

Huawei willingness to compensate buyers for the full value of their smartphones, apparently has two grounds. The first is that the company definitely needed to keep sales of branded devices, not allowing them to fall to levels of a decade ago. But the second reason is much more remarkable. Giving such promises, Huawei clearly wants to be sure that you will be able to provide its users access to Google services, which they can turn off in August.

Does this mean that Huawei knows something that we don’t know? Actually, the answer to this question is clearly quite difficult. Must have Huawei stashed a backup plan, but what it is is unknown. Anyway, very it would be foolish to expect that buyers that are denied access to popular applications and services, voluntarily forgo compensation. However, such an option cannot be ruled out. It is possible that this is just a gesture of despair, to deal with the consequences of which Huawei will be the measure of their occurrence.

Would you buy a Huawei smartphone in these conditions? Answers in the comments or leave our Telegram chat.

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