Huawei will reveal some details of the processor Kirin 990 to develop in the next month

Today appeared the first official partner of the Kirin 990 new from Huawei which will be launched at a police conference next month in the city of Berlin in Germany.

Today introduced the Huawei is also a video trailer للـSoC new Kirin 990 and from this declaration we can observe hints of Huawei about the fact that the slide will enter a fifth generation 5G which is what the site says the rumors that spread earlier had claimed that the season itself will be built in the slide.

Will be manufacturing a new processor Kirin 990 in cooperation with manufacturers, TSMC will also be based on the accuracy of manufacture 7nm EUV resists which will allow the possibility of adding more transistors in the same space which will result in better performance and lower power consumption.

Also claimed by some sources that the new chip will be filming 4K video with 60 frames per second and if it happened it would be something very special! Also expected to provide the processor performance because it relies on the architecture of Da Vinci’s own Hoi An has and also the components of the company ARM in terms of processor and graphic central.

Because we used to be phones, dead are offering a processor of Huawei’s new for each year, we’re expecting phones dead 30 with a processor Kirin 990, it seems that the competition between Huawei and Apple will be shared this year!

Source: GSMArena

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