Huawei wins claiming patent infringement against Samsung

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The legal battles of Samsung against Apple memorable, but there’s one lawsuit you may wish to Samsung to let her go and she sued Huawei judiciary against infringement on the patents, which were lost against the Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei wins patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung

In 2016, Huawei made many of the lawsuits with the infringement of the patent in the United States and China claimed that Samsung used patented cellular technology and own software without licenses, it was believed that Huawei wants compensation for the alleged use of unauthorized from Samsung, the BBC reported that Huawei instead you want the contract agreement for the use of Samsung technology.

This is the first time you’ve raised a Chinese company filed a lawsuit against Samsung, unfortunately for Samsung, that the Chinese court recently ruled in favor of Huawei, according to reports of the organization “” that the judge ruled in favor of Huawei on two patents involving the technology of fourth-generation phones.

As part of the Government, the judge ordered Samsung to halt manufacturing and sales of devices that use the technology mentioned in the case and pay the court fee small. Did not provide a list of models of phones, although Samsung said it would carefully review the court’s decision and appropriate responses.

Alleged Samsung that Huawei has violated certain patents relating to the communication of the fourth generation 4G, responded to Huawei to submit lawsuits against Samsung in two other Chinese cities. Last April, appeared Huawei triumphed Huawei when the court ordered Samsung to pay $ 11.6 million.

As such, it is expected from Samsung to put up some kind of Appeal, although the case is still developing.


This topic Huawei wins claiming patent infringement against Samsung appeared on Engadget.

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