Huawei won’t launch a smartphone with a system HarmonyOS this year


Denied the company Huawei has officially announced that it plans to launch a smartphone with a system HarmonyOS of him in the coming months. The deputy CEO of Huawei, Mr. Vincent Yang with the media at a media event in New York, said that the Chinese company don’t intends to launch a smart phone running HarmonyOS this year.

However, he assured Mr. Vincent Yang that Huawei intends to launch the products of other intelligent systems HarmonyOS New, such as smart TVs and smart watches, all of them will reach store shelves before the end of this year.

Said Mr. Vincent Yang that the company wants ” to settle on a single standard, and the government one, “ so there is no way to own smart phones operating systems are different. It will be HarmonyOS a system operating Reserve will be resorted to in the case if the aggravation of the situation between the United States of America, China and prevented the Chinese company from dealing entirely with corporate America.

Currently, I got a Huawei on an additional extension allows them to continue to deal with American companies, including Google Inc. for an additional 90 days until a solution is found in the war trade continued between China and the United States of America.

Not yet heard anything about the launch date of the series phones, Huawei Mate 30 Series from Huawei, but hinted Mr. Vincent Yang to be the flagship phone the next company will be running Android without the mention of the name of the style. While it is unlikely that the company Huawei to launch a smartphone running HarmonyOS this year, said Mr. Vincent Yang that he ” never knows ” when it can occur due to the uncertainty that damaged the case of the Economic between China and the United States of America.


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