Huawei working on a smartphone with a screen equipped with the camera instead of cutting

Huawei P20 Pro

According to the news agency of Korea, it seems that Huawei is working on the design of the smart phone to a stranger may be a reason at the end of the era of the smartphones by in the screen. But don’t be excited so much, because there is some bad news associated with it.

The design features a hole small in the screen for the camera, this time will be the pieces small in size and form from all aspects. Instead of placing the front camera in the widget, he wants the engineers placed away from the upper edge so that they can reduce the upper frame of the company the disposal of the widget.

You may submit this concept to a new problem altogether. For example, how will you recognize the application and how you will use the extra screen space for? However, the design embodied by the South Korean news agency ETNews shows the edge of the upper very thin containing on the earpiece and proximity sensor, as well as the light sensor.

To be honest, despite being an innovative solution, the solutions provided by each of Vivo, OPPO and problem in providing the two phones Vivo NEX S and the Oppo Find X the mechanism for the popup to access the cameras look more elegant. Also, we can’t overcome the idea that Huawei may do so for marketing purposes only – to show off for the large covered screen of the interface device. Then again, we are pleased to demonstrate our fault and there should be a use case for it.

Moreover, the report mentions that this phone will have an LCD Screen The size of 6.39 inches and the possibility of its launch in the last quarter of this year. This is in line with the roadmap of the Huawei that was leaked last year.


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