Huawei you get to wait an additional three months before being banned

ترامب يقول أنه اتفق مع الصين على رفع الحظر عن هواوي

Got Huawei to wait an additional three months prior to the application of the United States of America, its trade embargo on them.

The Huawei has been added to the list of entities which prohibited U.S. companies from dealing with them either by providing services or products to the sale and purchase.

I got aggravated later between the presidents of the two countries Chinese and American and to extend the application of the ban for three months ending in August last, after the end of the first extension got a second extension of three months to give the telecommunications companies that rely on equipment Huawei enough time to move to another supplier.

Today I got Huawei the third extended also for three months, ending in February 16, 2020.

For its part lowered the Huawei of the effect of the extra time considering they still received unfair treatment from the United States.

The US president may cross several times about the relationship of the Prohibition of Huawei’s trade negotiations between China and the United States because of disagreements on tariffs between the two countries, and went to Huawei’s accusations of its involvement with issues of espionage in favor of China.

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