Huawei you may create your operating system KirinOS for phone Honor Play

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I promised our sub-brand Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei detects ” an innovative experience“, but it did not explain how she can do it. There were vague references to ” games 4D“, but again without more details. Include images that appeared to be at least part of this innovation that we were promised, the Chinese company may have a special system of Huawei.

This system will carry the name of KirinOS will be based on the kernel Linux. While talking about the innovation that’s coming out of the phone Honor Play which will Huawei after a couple of days from now, use the head of the company the metaphor of ” flying in the sky ” to illustrate the speed of the phone, probably because of the new operating system.

This is not the first time we hear such rumors, the history of which dates back to the year 2015 at least. Then appeared again in the year 2016. At that time, it looked like a defensive move in case of worsened the relationship between Huawei and Google. However, given the interests of ZTE, it might not be Google great concern to buy a Huawei.


Now, these can be photo is fake, but there are a lot of operating systems out there, so it is likely that there will be some truth in it. In addition, in China as long as the phone is running the application WeChat, no matter the operating system. It should be noted that the application WeChat is already available on the store for Huawei global applications.

Generally, it will be a formal unveiling of the phone Honor Play in the sixth day of June next, so don’t forget to come back next week for full details.



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