Huawei’s development of a smart phone the ability of digital zoom 55x

Refers to a leak of the new that the Chinese company Huawei or company Onur affiliate working on the development of the smart phone support digital zoom and 55x. Shopping was the image of the screen of the camera application interface EMUI that describes the maximum potential for demand for gas is currently available on any phone from Huawei or honor.

Company Huawei to manufacture smartphones for more than a decade. With that, I focus more on the camera department even launched phones P9, which was the first phones from Huawei feature a camera has been developed in collaboration with the company Leica, and then came new versions with more focus on the camera until the launch of the phone P40 Pro Plus with optical zoom 10x.

Regardless of the optical zoom, the this phone supports also the capacity of the digital zoom very high, up to 50x on a copy P40 Pro, and 100x on P40 Pro Plus, while reveal the screen shot from the digital zoom to a maximum of 55x, which is not available on any phones from Huawei or one of the current, which means it’s from a different phone completely.

Source: gizmochina

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