Huawei’s implementation of the launched operating system alternative to Android next month

Denied Huawei reports circulating about its intention to launch an operating system of their smart phones alternative Android operating system next month, saying that the news is misleading and wrong.

Reports began to emerge after the permit is issued for the treatment of Shimi, executive director and vice president of the business group Huawei sector projects and institutions in the Middle East to TechRadar, who confirmed that the company will launch an alternative operating system to Android in June.

Male Shimi in his statement that the operating system company which is rumored that it will Ark OS and code name HongMeng became in the advanced stages of development of Earth approached its launch.

These statements quickly denied by Huawei by Arjun Kharpal CNN correspondent in China and adopted by a trick, claim the media to stop publishing it.

According to the statements of Shimi, the new system is fully compatible with Android apps, and did not explain exactly the mechanism of compatibility if it’s through a special layer, such as the BlackBerry 10 operating system, or that it would amend the special police of the Android system.

He noted in his talk about the weakness of the effect of the U.S. ban on the company, as Huawei has its own products and not Intel processors, laptops servers. She relented a company ARM of the British demands America to prevent the use of designs its processors due to the presence of large operations have in the United States.

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