Huawei’s response to the Note 9: We promise you updates on a “real”

While Samsung’s marketing campaign Note 9 of ridicule from Apple, says the competitors of the manufacturers of Android phones others are using the same method to attack the Korean company, although it’s just a war of words, but they certainly affect some users.

Huawei are the latest companies that are attacking Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 The New, as yet to be announced in a tweet via Twitter, they provide updates genuine to their customers, when it comes to air its pilot, in reference to the lack of the new features in Note 9, compared to his sonship 8.

Huawei takes a jab at Samsung, promises

Said of Huawei: “we have a leap giant when we launched the Huawei P20 Pro, we are always working to provide updates real making differences every day, such as camera three lenses accurately 40 maps and Optical Zoom 5X and more. Imagine what will come after that…”

Although not mentioned the name of Samsung or the Galaxy Note 9 tweeted, only to be stopped account posted Huawei on Twitter for this statement reveals the objective of his successor clearly, we will find out soon what will come of it phone Mate 20 Pro next.

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