Huawei’s sales.. 200 million smartphone in 2018

Huawei announced the Chinese that its sales of smart phones surpassed 200 million units in 2018, this means record to the overwhelming response on company phones all over the world, thanks to its strength and uniqueness, and most importantly their price.

The company says that there are more than 500 million consumers of the identity defined in more than 170 countries around the world. And according to a report by IPSOS, one of the research institutions leading, the mark Huawei provide innovative products and consumer confidence.

In an interview, said Richard Yu, CEO of China’s Huawei, they look to the future, noting that the work of the police in the next period will focus on the basic concept “to focus on the consumer”.

He added, “We will constantly create new value for consumers, allowing them to enjoy the finest products for a better life, make Huawei already has a brand beloved by consumers all over the world”.

In the 8 years cattle, increased shipments of Huawei smartphones from 3 million units in 2010, to 200 million units in 2018, reflecting a growth of up to sixty-six times.

In the global smartphone market, making Huawei among the top 3 companies in the world, and in the last quarter the company became the second largest manufacturing company of smartphones in the world, with a market share of the global amount to 14.6%.

The company also said a number of technology areas, the most common open and competitive in the field, such as photography, battery life, Communications, and artificial intelligence.

The company owns a number of chains of premium smartphones, such as the series of Huawei P, in addition to the A series phones, Huawei Mate, which features it the latest processors per year, which is more intelligent and efficient, in addition to a series of phones Nova average cost, of them that sold the company more than 65 million units through last year, making it a leader in developing markets.

In the current year, we expect the Chinese company to more sophisticated smart phones, with the technology of the fifth-generation networks that is supposed to launch commercially in the coming months, despite the problems faced, which will guide the speed of the internet pose times the speed of the networks of the fourth generation of the current.

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