Huawei’s sales approaching the sales of Samsung, despite the U.S. ban

As long as Huawei is optimistic about sales -or shipments – smartphones my as that the company in recent years has achieved a number of significant sales made by approaching the place of Samsung, which ranks first in sales of smart phones also share Huawei’s market share approaching the share of Samsung in spite of the American embargo! So what are the details?

The gap between Huawei and Samsung to dwindle in spite of the U.S. ban

Today was the participation of a search through the newspaper Korean Herald explains that the difference between the Huawei and Samsung in terms of market share fell to 3.6% just after it was 5.9% in the last year and this is what happened in spite of the problems faced by Huawei with the United States of America, and this difference comes in favor of Huawei not the other way around where the company was experiencing a significant difference in market share with Samsung.

Data some detail has made clear that Samsung has shipped 323 million smart phone in 2019 this number may booking no 21.3% of the market share of smart phones, this while that Huawei has sold -or shipped – 251 million smart phone to not market share 17.7% compared with 14.4% in 2018.

As for Apple, which came third has shipped 193 million iPhone and got 13.6% of the market share for smartphones, but on the other hand achieved greater income from Huawei because the iPhone more expensive than most -or all – Huawei phones that have been shipped and sold, and who knows, you may approaching Apple more than Huawei and take its center, especially after the report which explained that the iPhone 12 will be the most expensive in Saudi and other reports raised the idea of asking more than 4 iPhones in a year!

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