Hublot officially reveal her watch first Smart at all, namely the ” Big Bang Referee “


When the announcement was made smart watches for the first time, it seemed that the Swiss companies specialized in the manufacture of luxury watches the crane for the idea, while many of those companies are still hesitant, it wasn’t the case with some companies such as TAG Heuer. It seems that the company TAG Heuer will not be the only company entering the smart watch market because the company Hublot has now launching a smart Watch of its own.

This smart watch company Hublot bearing the name ” Big Bang Referee“, which is about a smart watch designed by the company for the FIFA World Cup 2018 that will be the summer of this year Bruce. This smart watch is running WearOS of Google Inc. and formerly known as Android Wear, the AMOLED screen with a diameter of 35.4 mm and accurately 400 x 400 pixels, it also supports Bluetooth and WiFi, and is expected to continue to work for the whole day thanks to a battery with a capacity of 410mAh.

However, don’t expect to be this smart watch is the main product buy Hublot in the world of wearable devices. In fact, will be manufacturing a limited number of units of this watch, will be manufactured 2018 unit exactly, but maybe if there is enough demand, we can see company Hublot come to us more smart watches in the future. However, coming hours Hublot new with some custom features for the World Cup, such as the countdown to the event, and notices relating to Times of start-up, will also notify the wearer when to score a goal.

You will also be given the rulers a special version of this smart watch works with the technique of the line. In fact, this intelligent Clock under test a secret since 2017. Given for the Hublot brand and the fact that they will be limited edition, it is not surprising to hear that she will be 5200 USD.



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