Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game based on physics is now available on Android

In the past week indicated based on the game Human : Fall Flat “Hume: the Val flit”, that it is coming to Android on June 26.

Continued to those wishing them at their word, as today the date of the official launch of the game, which is what really happened, where was the declaration formally announced the launch of the game Human: Fall Flat in the store Google Play.

Human: Fall Flat لعبة ألغاز مبنية على الفيزياء متاحة الآن على أندرويدHuman:Fall Flat is a puzzle game based on physics is now available on Android

Human: Fall Flat is a puzzle game Strange with the controls is inaccurate.

Can you stop single-player mode in addition to multiplayer mode where you can group with up to 3 other friends.

Whether you choose to go solo or enjoy as a team, the game that relies on puzzle remains as is.

Where Will you spend your time in solving these puzzles by exploring the limits of physics.

Noted are on the game Human: Fall Flat, that the single-player campaign takes about 5 hours until the end, and put the multi up to 8 hours of play.

In respect of the possibility to use, in the first instance it may be difficult to use your hands together.

But with a little practice you will be able to overcome most of the puzzles without too much trouble.

Perhaps the only problem in the game, tents of the controls, so don’t let the controllers of the material, this means no support for the Shield TV.

As there are already some complaints by the users, which indicate some delay in the multi-play mode.

Always this version is preliminary, it is natural that there will be some problems, especially in servers between the players despondent in different regions.

Finally the game Human: Fall Flat is already paid version, as is the case with the version of the computer and other games.

You can downloaded today for $ 4.99 ($10 cheaper than on Steam), that do not support any ads or internal purchases.

There is support for achievements by logging in to services Games google play, in addition to providing cloud computing.

Which means that you can easily move from the last place she stopped, regardless of the Android device that but you.

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