Hundreds of apps will the Samsung Galaxy Fuld with the launch

Samsung has collaborated with hundreds of developers and technology partners to develop their apps to fit the phone Galaxy Fuld and user experience useful when you launch it.

مئات التطبيقات ستدعم هاتف سامسونج جالكسي فولد مع إطلاقه

When you desire to achieving any success of a new device, the availability system experience comfortable and the perfect so far away from the internal components don’t, so the applications and programs within the operating system is the most important factor in attracting users especially when devices provide similar in the market, which is made by Samsung according to published on its official website.

Where Samsung announced that the phone Galaxy Fuld will support hundreds of possible applications on the Google Play Store and in full, has been working with many developers and large technical development of fruitful experience to serve the user and make the most of applications when used on the phone folding.

The companies that will fully support the phone companies such as Samsung itself, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Spotify, Google, and others.

These include apps for Facebook, main, Twitter, Prime Video, Spotify, Microsoft Office, VSCO, iHeartMedia, App in the Air, and more.

This comes with the launch of the Android system 10 which will in turn enhance the user experience with flip phones that you want Google enriched.

So that the Android system 10 allows users to resize apps as desired, and at the same time working to shift the status of the applications directly when you change the screen to use downloaded from big screen to small, and vice versa.

Of course, you’ll see apps that offer support for Samsung Galaxy Fuld relationship to users on the Google Play Store.



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