Hyper Boost technology, the new Opel.. what do you know about?

تقنية Hyper Boost الجديدة من اوبو.. ماذا تعرف عنها؟

We have seen in the last few months a number of companies reveal new techniques to speed up smart phones such as the MiUI interface phones Shawty that promised applications to run faster and use artificial intelligence to speed up the system and also we saw recently technology the GPU Boost technology from Huawei , which enhanced the performance of the graphic cards without the need for any change regarding the hardware.

What is Hyper Boost from Obby?

Now we have a new technology from a Chinese company also is Oppo which revealed Hyper Boost technology to accelerate its smart phones. According to the Chinese company The able to use the resources of the phone speed up apps and games and the operating system itself.

The company says that it collaborated with the manufacturers of the slides from Qualcomm Udinese to reach the best possible support for your new development, according to the company could stop users 31.9% greater speed in opening applications through the interface of the Oppo based on a system Android.

Improvements of Hyper Boost for games and applications

And on the side of public phones, said company OBI to work to enhance the performance of a number of addresses currently including game PUBG Mobile that get next to 11 other title to support for better performance. Also worked for company Opel with the developers of a number of game engines like Unreal and Unity to ensure enhanced performance of the games in the future on its phones.

Also, this support will be limited only to performance on the outside but will be released to improve communication through the use of free Wi-Fi Internet access mobile at the same time prevent any the treatment even though simple in games that need internet connection.

And even now didn’t give Obi numbers clear for Hyper Boost New unlike Huawei , which revealed that the number of numbers available on the first day detector technology GPU Boost your hobby to her. Though technically the Obi supports a larger number of games so far compared with Huawei, which supports the game only two and they PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends.

And on the sides of the application of technology for Oppo’s new promise to accelerate the number of apps but all the apps tray even now among them, the application talks to the famous We chat but I don’t know if he will support the application of non-Chinese or not during the coming period.

This theme of Hyper Boost technology, the new Opel.. what do you know about? Appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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