HyperX Cloud Alpha headset its $ 100! Use?

This topic HyperX Cloud Alpha headset its $ 100! Use? Appeared on Engadget.

HyperX Cloud Alpha is a headset dedicated for gaming and compatible with many platforms like mobile phone and tablet and case and different games.


Come fish with the quality of robust design, also designed the fish to be comfortable while putting them on the head, and comes the Color Black with red for my suggestion and clear and they hear games and the use of skin والـmemory foam and discussion on the sky is also red color for the length of the fish.
In addition to that allows headset Cloud Alpha remove and replace the microphone cable and ear cushions. As preferred HyperX use leather material on the Alpha instead of the cloth, and that will become unsuitable while temperatures associated with, but in turn will be tighter around your ears.

And inside the box you’ll find basic things you will need besides the fish you will get on the microphone can be separated and move at an angle of view in addition to that, you have heaven on cable, where comes the author’s first provider of premium volume and mute the microphone while Cable the other will give you two links one for the sky and the other for the microphone it is worth mentioning that the length of the two wires differs from one length of 1.2 meters and the second length of 2 meters, and there is unfortunately only one set of ear cushions inside the enclosure, which is not supported on the HyperX. Unfortunately doesn’t support surround sound system 7.1, but generally, the design and manufacturing quality of the fish is excellent and comfortable.

Sound quality and microphone

Considers the quality of the microphone is very good but not the best. no technique to isolate surrounding sounds, so make sure to be in a quiet place during the challenge.

As for sound, the company made a bold move calculated not where the company changes the design of the 50 mm for the parameters where the use of the police channel two features an entirely new design parameters. And it even have one dedicated for subwoofer (Bass) and dedicated to the(High and mid) as votes human for example and therefore will not overlap between the two channels and at the stage of sending the sound to the ear picks up all the frequencies in one place. And this leads to the appearance of the images and clear and suitable for games or films provide excellent.


This topic HyperX Cloud Alpha headset its $ 100! Use? Appeared on Engadget.

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