Hyundai introduced an audio system that allows each passenger to listen to their music

Music (and any other) preference by definition cannot be all the same. And it’s not always necessary to find a compromise, because recently, the company Hyundai introduced the audio system for a vehicle, which pozvolit each passenger to listen to the music that you like. With the additional accessories like headphones or something like that to use don’t have to.

New sound system is called Separated Sound Zone SSZ (or, if desired, separated sound zones) and it is, according to the company, will appear in serial cars in the next two years. So how is this system? For each of the passengers of the car creates “individual audiospace”.

A large number of speakers placed throughout the cabin, generating a controlled acoustic field, which are aimed at each individual passenger. In addition, the speakers are equipped with a function of the phase shift, shielding and neutralization of sound waves coming from speakers, podsvechivaya other passengers. While autoproclamata can be used not only for music but also for, for example, talking on the phone. As notes a press-service of Hyundai,

“Our technology can isolate the passengers from the sounds that would hurt them, but it is necessary the driver. The instructions of the navigation system or warning messages will enable you to concentrate on driving, and the technology SSZ will give the option to save them in a personal sound zone, without penetration into the sound field of the other passengers.”

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