I did not wait for Google Pixel 4 and went to choose another phone

After the first photos in boxes waiting for him in April, then the leak confirmed that before may it is not worth waiting. A little later came the information that he just appears in the beginning of June, and I was told that the release date was chosen very correctly. In early June, talking about the fact that they had to wait until the third of July, but this is not a fact. In the end, everything somehow is very slow and tired of waiting. I wanted to buy this phone, but now realized that it is better to do without it and choose something out of what you can use now. I need the phone ”today”, but not when Google, which itself fuels the market rumors, deign to release him. Moreover, it can also be a failure. In the end, to choose the man who did not wait for Google Pixel 4a?

Was waiting and doddis.

Why Google Pixel 4a is still not out

A couple of months ago it was reported that a team of Google co-founders left its two key members. One of them was responsible for creating the famous cameras. The official reason is not known, but most likely it happened because of the failure of the Google Pixel 4.

Eventually, this could lead to the fact that Google Pixel 4a is so late. Originally it was supposed to present at the Google I/O conference in may this year. When the conference moved to the online format, many thought that the company will not pull and will release the new product on the contrast at the same time OnePlus 8. But this did not happen and we are still waiting.

What happened to Google? Launch Google Pixel 4a again postponed

Given that the output time of the Google Pixel 5 is getting closer, we are in a position where another couple of weeks and release 4a generally would not make sense. It might just discourage the sales of ”five”.

Importantly, the launch of this smartphone is not moved.

There is another option in which the company will not release it now and release already Google Pixel 5 this fall. Let’s see what will come of this, but those who waited and can no longer, as the phone is needed urgently, I can Express my opinion. The opinion, which concerns the choice of a new phone instead of the Google Pixel 4a.

What phone to buy instead of the Google Pixel 4a

Of course, a good smartphone a lot, but a start in the first place we from the similarity that each subjective, and prices. Moreover, some of these devices are very like us in the office. However, everything in order.

Samsung Galaxy A51 — good for the price

Our Ivan Kuznetsov speaks very well about this phone. I also like the camera, so we’ll start with him. Hi Ivan!

Galaxy A51 vs iPhone SE 2020: whose camera is better?

Samsung Galaxy A51 is one of the most popular phones cost about 17-20 thousand roubles. It is even less than it would cost Google Pixel when (if) it comes out.

Samsung Galaxy A51.

A51 have a big battery, triple-camera and high-quality OLED display. Probably the best Samsung phone to date. The processor is a little outdated, but otherwise this camera goes beyond the understanding of cheap smartphone. Color Prism Black Crush and reflective design also attract the attention of can be considered a plus.

Samsung definitely released a successful model and took a good position in the niche of low-cost smartphones at a time when she tried to push Huawei and Honor. The only serious gripe with this phone is that Samsung sometimes forgets to release updates for that category, and just not very long supports them from the competition.

Nokia 7.2 — do not expect?

Honestly, he is shocked that the included this camera in our list, but at the last moment decided that he ought to be here.

This year Nokia will show its foldable smartphone.

Nokia is a brand which rattled its top-end phones, but then started going downhill and was stopped by Chinese investors, which bought the brand. Now he continues to produce smartphones, many of which I don’t like, but there are rare models that deserve attention. Especially against the background of its price.

Nokia 7.2

Nokia 7.2, released in 2019, comes with two years of Android updates and three years of security updates. It is very good! And indeed, according to one recent study, Nokia updated better than others. The percentage of smartphones with actual OS is much higher than the rest.

The phone itself offers a solid package of cameras, great software and really good build quality. More to the advantages include the price to 20 000 rubles, and by cons — outdated Snapdragon processor 660 and a low charging rate. In General, this smartphone is made of bundles of compromises, but it’s not as bad as it might seem at first glance. It is worth paying attention to.

Can I use Android smart phone to measure distances and sizes

iPhone SE 2 — where the same without him

Without this device really going anywhere. All due to the fact that SE’s iPhone and Google Pixel series ”a” are maximum points of convergence between iOS and Android. It is hard to imagine a more serious competitor for the Pixel 4a than the iPhone SE the second generation. The same remark is true in the opposite direction.

Let iPhone SE the second generation has a modern design, but it offers a good camera, high performance, IP67-protection against dust and water and even wireless charging. Technically he is very cool and users have to choose between design and filling. And yet between the iPhone SE (2020) and while Google Pixel 3a, and 4a but later (I hope).

iPhone SE 2020.

And both companies offer a very long period of updates that is important to each user. Therefore, these two models are much closer to each other than might appear at first glance.

Why iPhone SE this is a nightmare Google Pixel 4a

Why it is not necessary to wait for output Google Pixel 4a

You can wait for the bus, train, in the end, the weather by the sea — all this will ever happen. In the situation with the Google Pixel is not to say that he definitely will. The more we wait, the more it seems to me that the series ”a” turn into something that will be updated, for example every two years. It is therefore not to be expected. Especially if you need a smartphone now. However, to argue with me, you can in our Telegram chat.

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