I do not believe: as was the fate of the Galaxy Fold in Russia

On 25 October, Samsung started to sell Galaxy folding Fold in Russia. The official advent of the smartphone in domestic retail was preceded by a three week programme of pre-order, which had to terminate in just a few days due to the fact that all resources available to the market the stock of apparatus was dismantled fans of everything new and unusual. Many even began to joke that Samsung has brought to Russia only 10 instances Galaxy Fold, 5 of which gave bloggers, 2 sold and 3 left in case you need to replace the unit under warranty. But then there was information about 6 thousands of units sold, which is hard to believe.

Say that Galaxy Fold is in Russia high demand. But is it really?

Yesterday “Kommersant” published an article entitled “the Galaxy Fold almost developed sales,” which refers to the fact that only in Russia has sold about 6 million smartphones. The sources from the industry explained that the devices diverge so quickly that you can only buy them in a few stores in Moscow, while buyers from other cities will have to pre-order with a mandatory Deposit payment. But how true are these data and is the game worth the candle?

Galaxy Fold — already in Russia

Of course, to believe that in Russia there are 6 million people who bought a Galaxy Fold at full price, is very difficult. Despite the fact that it costs 159 990 rubles, which is only slightly more expensive than the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the top configuration, this is an extremely niche device that obviously will not please everyone. First, the impact foldable design. Although she implies the ability to turn a smartphone into a tablet in one motion, obviously alienate potential unreliability of the design. Secondly, it is, of course, the new. Due to the fact that smart phones with this form factor previously, the market simply did not appear, many have no idea why you might need such a device. Well, and thirdly, it is, of course, price. Even if in Moscow there were a few dozen people who decided to buy Galaxy Fold, that new buys in the regions count is definitely not worth it.

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Journalist Sergey Vilianov, believes that information about thousands of sold Galaxy 6 Fold in Russia is not true. According to his sources, smartphone sales in the domestic market was significantly lower. However, he says, several hundred people with money who are interested in new it is. They were the first buyers of Galaxy Fold, which, though impressive, was not devoid of compromises that have to put up new owner.

What’s wrong with the Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold is expensive, but it is the barrier to not buy everything

One of these compromises is the cost of the smartphone in the Russian retail. Wilanow sure that Samsung deliberately set the price, because it is banal not ready for that, the unit went to mass. Clearly, says Wilanow that Samsung just trial run of the technology, so quite a big share of the marriage and therefore the company had to pledge to the project large compensatory resources like concessional screen replacement for 9500 rubles. In short, Galaxy Fold – a product for the very wealthy lovers of novelty.

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However, some trade-offs of the model can be attributed to its merits. On the one hand, the design of the Galaxy Fold is its weak point. The crash tests of the smartphone has shown that in real conditions the mechanism is not likely to survive according to the manufacturer the amount of folding. But on the other, it ensures the possibility of turning the smartphone into a compact tablet with a screen digestible sizes.

“[Galaxy Fold] makes an impression. At first I was very skeptical, but now, a few days later, I have to say that I like the opportunity to win a big screen in one second. There are nuances, in terms of ergonomics, but the idea is great. I think in the future this format will catch on when there is appropriate technology and materials,” — said Wilanow.

Furrow on the screen of the Galaxy Fold

Furrow on the display of the Galaxy Fold there, but not annoying. It could do specifically that it does not appear in the process of using

The furrow, which goes through the whole screen, not annoying, he said, because the banal invisible. However, its presence can be felt with your finger. Oddly enough, few of the journalists and it bloggers pay attention to it. But maybe they just did the Samsung discount, given that she earlier managed to release a smartphone of this type, and a small crease at the bending place of the moving parts is a fee, which the company had to pay for the honor of being the first.

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What we have in the end. Galaxy Fold – a smartphone is not for everyone and not only because of the price. A large number of “no”, which allowed Samsung, make it something of a test bed for those who are willing to pay for the privilege first to test the first of its kind device. These people are few, but they definitely exist. In the end, for someone Samsung has arranged delivery to Russia, isn’t it? Another thing is that those who argue about six thousands of units sold, most likely daydreaming or simply trying to be helpful Samsung.

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