I get to feature Gesture Bar out on any Android phone

Gesture Bar

In this article we’ll show you how to add a property Navigation Gesture Bar to your Android phone just like the existing iPhone X and Google Pixel 3 without the need for the validity of the root and without any conditions.

Is this feature of the best features provided by Google on its system Android, which will allow you to move between applications and many more tasks via simple movements you make.

As we know that property Navigation Gesture Bar present in the iPhone X and provide you with many nurses work you’re determined, if you drive to the right back to back for example, or drag to the left to give you a list of buttons or to turn on The Flash or anything you specify.

If you drive to the top give you a list of applications that are running in the background or returns you to the main page This is very cool and very useful, and we have a lot of steps as it adds a touch of beauty to your phone mobile.

To get this feature on your smart phone, all you have to do is download the application that you are installing from and then give it all the powers that he will need them the powers of Accessibility .

Click on Continue and then click on Next and choose Android P as for the water, and then work on pressing Next then the Next then on Ok.

Then we’ll go to the top and we’re for the Accessibility Service, then we’re down to where we find the Gesture Control and activate it in a very easy way to work with you without root.

We will notice the appearance of a band at the bottom through which you can control all the things that you need, then you go to the box Gesture Bars and click on the Gestures And Actions and then choose what if you drag to the top of what the app can do and so by to the right and to the bottom. What means that you have many choices and tasks.

I wanted to turn on the flash, you drive to the top twice you can also customize the ribbon from the add colors of its own, and the size of the “zoom in or zoom out” and extend its position on the screen of the phone and a lot of things that you will need with this wonderful app .

Link to download app :
Gesture Bar

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I get to feature Gesture Bar out on any Android phone

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