I repeat: the Americans regained the pride in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing

Almost 50 years have passed since the first landing on the moon. 20 July 1969 the American crew of the ship “Apollo 11” for the first time in the history landed on the surface of another celestial body. How did you train for this event, you can read for example here. To the approaching round date space Agency NASA with the smallest level of detail recreated in the very room of mission control, where 50 years ago was carried out management outstanding mission for the first landing of man on Earth.

The forgotten history

The celebration of the successful completion of the mission on the landing of the spacecraft “Apollo-11” on the moon July 24, 1969

This room is mission control was used by NASA employees until the beginning of 90-ies. Then it was abandoned. Technology has evolved and people moved to other, more modern premises, equipped with more modern equipment. Since that time, here almost nobody came.

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The idea to restore a piece of history, where he made vital for the American astronauts of the decision, appeared in 2013. However, the lack of money from NASA for third-party projects was the wall on the way of realization of this idea. The question came back three years ago. Funds for the project in the amount of $ 5 million was going literally the whole world. Most of this amount ($3.5 million) was donated to the nearby town of Webster (Texas). The rest of the money was able to collect by private donations and through the website Kickstarter.

As a restored historical site?

For Americans, this control center is the same symbol of the country as the Oval office in the White House, where the country is led by the President of the United States; as Independence Hall, where they discussed, negotiated and signed in 1776 the Declaration of independence and the U.S. Constitution (1787).

In the course of hard work by the organizer of the project was to recreate the room mission control mission “Apollo 11” in the smallest details. Big help project was provided by the American Museum of space technology and history. They provided a variety of things and devices that was used by NASA employees 50 years ago. What was missing – I was looking for on eBay. It turns out there really you can find and buy anything you want. Even the t-Rex.

Attention to detail is fantastic. Computers, monitors, buttons and switches. It looks like exactly 50 years ago. Even the paint is original found for different panels and consoles. Restored various technical instructions, flight plans, logs.

Attention to detail: Marlboro, ashtrays, flags, and cups that era

Inaugurated the renovated room of mission control gene Kranz. 50 years ago he managed the space missions of NASA and including the most historic landing of man on the moon.

Gene Krantz cut the ribbon

Krantz in the room of mission control during the mission “Gemini”. 1965

1975. Krantz leads the mission “Soyuz-Apollo” — a joint project of the on-orbit docking of the Soviet spacecraft “Soyuz-19” and American spaceship “Apollo”. It’s the last flight of the spacecraft of the Apollo program

Renovated room space operations

At the opening ceremony of gene Kranz with difficulty restrained his feelings and flood of memories.

“I’m just amazed. It’s hard to believe until you see it. If I were 50 years younger and wanted to work here.”

Today Krantz conducts tours for high-ranking guests of the Space center Lyndon B. Johnson. From 1 July the restored mission control center will open to the public.

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