I spent two months with the iPhone XR to take, he is better than the iPhone X

Do not cheat, if you say that one of the most popular questions received, is associated with the choice between iPhone and iPhone X XR. Older models – iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, pass by, since the smartphones have a different price segment, but the “dozen” as it is called in the people, and XR for almost the same cost really make you think. It’s been over two months since I got the iPhone XR, so was able to study all its advantages and disadvantages, inside and out. And most importantly – to answer the question of choice.

Pros iPhone XR

Begin at once with aces, more precisely, the main iPhone plus XR. And it’s the battery. Yes, because of the large size (which allowed to place the battery with good capacity) and an IPS screen, the battery life of this smartphone is really impressive. In active use for the day, I never failed to plant a battery at least 20 % (optionally, of course, possible), as a result, in the medium mode iPhone usage XR I safely “live” in two days. None of the previous Apple smartphones, including the iPhone X and iPhone XS (even a series of “plus”), could not boast of such time of battery life.

Another advantage of the iPhone XR — its display. If you put aside large frame (which I used for about a week) and the lack of OLED, it is a good 6.1-inch screen, which fits a lot of content. Of responsiveness it is not inferior to the older models, but the color, of course, not as vivid as the iPhone X. Someone says that OLED “yellow”, I have personally noticed this only once, and discovered more advantages than disadvantages.

Conveniently, the pictures in the “Portrait” can be done with one camera, but that upset is a software limit that allows you to shoot in this mode only people. It became possible thanks to the facial recognition system and artificial intelligence algorithms, which allow us to identify people in the frame to determine the background. In other cases, the screen bears the inscription “people not found”, although the system could cheat by using casts of human figures. Well, if you complain, the camera lens is too good collects dust and dirt around.

Many have said that the “filling” in the iPhone XR identical to the iPhone XS (with the exception of the camera), so the smartphone is very fast, sometimes even faster iPhone X, which is also in our editorial. Of RAM enough, Face ID works very quickly, though sometimes unlock smartphone showing a black screen that doesn’t disappear until you click a couple of times on the off button. Sin on iOS 12, but who knows what actually reason. Especially with the release of an update error does not disappear.

To sizes iPhone XR is also used — though a little longer than the screen. At first it seems very large, so wearing it in the bag — not an option if you want to comfortably use the device. The phone is a bit heavy (glass back and wireless charging give her), but not the same as, for example, the iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs 202 g. Then “only” 194

Cons iPhone XR

Besides what I mentioned above, few iPhone XR became its side frame is made of aluminium, while the iPhone X and the “senior” it is steel. Yes, the latter is better collects scratches, but I really like how the steel looks in contrast with glass. Among our readers many of those who favor aluminum frame — there is probably a question of taste.

And you know, for me this is the only significant disadvantage of this smartphone. Yes, the scope large. Yes, it’s big and heavy, and the screen is not OLED. But the first two paragraphs cease to notice very soon that the same applies to OLED, especially if you they had never been used.

Which is better — iPhone or iPhone X XR

Wanted to answer this question clearly, but did not succeed. iPhone XR — a great smartphone, but with all its pros and cons, I would still chose the iPhone X. All the same 6.1 inch too much for comfortable use (5,8 enough), and the difference in performance in normal use you wouldn’t notice. As soon as I started to use X iPhone with OLED screen, it was difficult to look at IPS. Then, of course, used, but still my hand reaches for the “top ten” — the difference in juiciness of the flowers too obvious.

Besides iPhone X can now be bought at good prices. Maybe it’s already outdated smartphone, but it will be at least another couple of years.

Of course, this is only my opinion, inspired by the two months of iPhone usage XR. What do you think? Let’s discuss in the comments and in our Telegram chat.

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