I want to go back to downloading movies

أريد العودة إلى تنزيل الأفلام

I don’t know what to write today? Supposed to write about the technical and I don’t want to repeat the negative tone that I noticed that I repeat them in most of my articles recently published. Despite being a technical and scientific technique but I don’t know why I became a repeat of the cylinder series of the penetration data, to penetrate the army, and other concerns that may not talk but we should talk about a balance between excessive positivity, tolerance and technical perspective “the two days De”.

I tried to age my brain a little to think in a positive tone, and it occurred to me to ask the idea of “Media Center home” perhaps my idea is also driven by the ideas of “negative simple”.

Don’t delete the movie

Such as internet speeds high was owning a large library of movies on your hard disk is normal (don’t ask me about the source). During the last decade, with improved internet speeds, we can download many movies and series within hours instead of spending days, I remember one time I spent weeks in the download the film group because the elevator was too slow, that was the period of the ADSL.

In 2013, the fiber to the neighborhood, and without hesitation you subscribe to the service, with the availability of high speed started targeting you shopping and movies changing. In that period it wasn’t Netflix available in the area, so you are ready to download movies (don’t ask me where), but I delete it immediately share it because I can download them quickly in the event you want to watch it again, which is a luxury you and if I saw him before ten years, even if the movie sucks we do not delete it unless absolutely necessary, because the deletion means that the long hours we spent waiting for the end of the download is of no value.

Ago years, described Netflix to the region involved, and I think that during that period gave up downloading movies as a whole, after the soil and the”pet” presented by Netflix I couldn’t go back to watching movies and series network the old.

I want interpretation, I want to know the program where it stopped, I want him to know me the dream the following directly, and that allows me to skip the article. Go back to watching movies and series the way the old one was like going back to the stone ages.

Parenting changes things.

It is reported that parenting pushes you to consider things differently, and my different sex and YouTube started when my daughter started in the consumption of the content of the two services. I won’t dwell and we all have heard, we posted our content bad you can find it in the two services, as some of the ideas put forward are not in line with the values that we want to raise our children on.

From here I started thinking about the idea of “Media Center home”.

With want to do the lobby is a return to the past and the era of downloading movies. Very simply, you receive in to make an analysis of the consumption of my children from Netflix and YouTube to the consumption of my house to be specific and carefully selected so that it is free of ideas or scenes inappropriate for children.

This is possible in practice, on the one hand the gear you will need a computer with the specifications of the strong, the Space Storage a great addition to make sure to access the internal network for various product, and then installing a program like Plex or Kodi self allows us you to manage the written content your big, and the first provides you a free version but you need to pay money in order to get all nurses, as Kodi is free but it needs a lot of settings and plugins to reach the desired result.

Unfortunately the cost and effort who requires their access to the full independence of the services of the video prevents me from completing this project (often the price), it also has the problem of “personality” with Wi-Fi networks the sawmill in every place, the best use of wires as much as possible, but I’ll take a rain check to talk about to “negative” again.

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