IBM development tool artificial intelligence for the early detection of the first type of diabetes

IBM تطور أداة ذكاء اصطناعي للكشف المبكر عن داء السكري من النوع الأول

I’ve always invested company IBM in the medical field ready to win the Department of research in finding alternatives to quick and practical for the diagnosis of many chronic diseases.

And here she is today in collaboration with the foundation for the JDRF reveal tool artificial intelligence may play an important role in the early detection of Type I diabetes.

As this type of diabetes results from the failure in the work of the pancreas and production of insulin; thus, the lack of access and coverage of the cells of the different body energy that you need the Vita to replace insulin injections to compensate him in the body.

It is known that diabetes mellitus type first needs extensive attention from the same source or person who sponsored it, with the screening constant blood sugar avoid complications and loss of the patient’s awareness and anticipation of danger to his life.

Hence the name the silent killer diabetes to be that the focus of attention of IBM Corporation in order to access to solve for early diagnosis via research associated with artificial intelligence.

And speaking of the tool has detected the beginning of June in the skin 79 Foundation the American Diabetes, where its mechanism of action to track the antibodies for diabetes of the first type in the blood.

To create drawings of those antibodies and analyzed in order to know the merits of the pathological condition present, as well as prediction of complications the future and how space and time to their limits.

In the basics of reading this tool by feeding it data 22 thousand people from the United States, Sweden, Finland, said director of the artificial intelligence in IBM.

By identifying similarities between people who have antibodies specific for diabetes of the first type and stages of development they have to be refine the results to help improve early diagnosis.

According to the workers on this project the first preliminary results of this tool is the possibility of recognition of the need to be monitored and the number of times that you must undergo a screening to preserve his life.

But after a full year of work on a tool to predict the amount still obstacles to determining when and how infection and disease development are unclear for a moment through the maps of the antibody.

To be a tool that is more beneficial and more in assisting physicians in monitoring patients and determining the periods of time dedicated to subject them to the test, without stopping at present to predict actual injury in order to take the necessary measures.

Although the tool does not achieve the desired level of which is currently in the early detection of diabetes of the first type; however, this does not negate the amount of assistance that will preserve the lives of the people in the future with the development of techniques to integrate the methods of artificial intelligence in the medical field.

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