IBM develops sensor to track health craft through the finger nail

Relying on artificial intelligence techniques be extended widely to include many fields and in as wide of large industries and flour on both or can say that it became the basis and head in the style of intelligent life today, these techniques exploit the large apartments in the health and diagnosis of diseases, early detection does not in this context, the company IBM is developing a sensor to track physical health through the finger nail by relying on grip strength while doing daily chores different.

Nor is sensor IBM are linked to only select disease the movement of specific or particular implications pertaining to Parkinson’s disease but include tracking the health of the heart and control frequencies do any effort the movement is analysed by sending the captured data for smart watches as Apple TV for example which contain artificial intelligence systems so that they work in an integrated manner for the data sent from the sensor and determine the symptoms and diseases available press or slow motion or any expectation of satisfactory future, where he said IBM that the sensor can access for accurate results via the neural network during the writing of the numbers help in the identification of the disease associated with cognitive or motor.

But for the moment there is no date for the launch of this sensor or it becomes a real can be used on the ground, despite it’s technical side is logical and creates better terms of positioning it on the nail of the finger which is considered a safe place compared to the sensors in the skin, which pose a problem to track activity, especially in the elderly due to the color of weak tissue they have.

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