IBM has identified 5 technology trends that will change our lives for the 2023

Quantum computation, microscopic robots, “unbiased” artificial intelligence free of human prejudices, as well as the widespread application of technologies of cryptography and the blockchain. It is these five areas, according to analysts IBM company, will enable mankind to 2023 to make a powerful breakthrough in the development of computer technology, “which will surpass anything we’ve seen previously.” Us pending changes will affect not only business, but society as a whole, analysts say IBM.

Quantum computing will be used everywhere — for solving problems that previously seemed unsolvable. Moreover, the construction of algorithms based on quantum computing will be in demand in various fields. Diploma in computer science will be incomplete without knowledge in the field of quantum computing, noted IBM. Itself the subject area will be accepted and available to the study. In addition, these calculations will allow developers to solve problems that were previously considered intractable.

Will continue to develop and artificial intelligence technologies. IBM is already working to be excluded from learning algorithms AI data that is not free of racial, gender and ideological bias. Using this approach will allow you to create “objective” artificial intelligence, which will not contribute to the spread of inequality. His appearance will lead to a qualitative breakthrough in training of other artificial intelligence systems, confident in IBM.

Two technologies of the near future will be connected with cryptography and bloccano. The first is a tiny cryptographic “anchor”, that is, labels that are provided with various goods. With their help, consumers will be able to trace the path of goods from production to point of sale. Thus, this technology will change business, which is closely linked to food safety, identification of counterfeits and luxury market. The second technology — cryptography lattices, a new approach to the construction of encryption algorithms. The complexity of breaking such algorithms is very large, so this technology can be used to protect valuable data from hackers.

And finally, the fifth — technology based on artificial intelligence, microscopic robots scattered in the ocean, which together can monitor the cleanliness of one of the most precious resources on earth — water ocean. Tiny micro-robots will be able to collect information on the movement of plankton that will help to make predictions on the basis of his conduct, to deal with ocean pollution, for example, from oil spills.

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