IBM hit hard and acquires Red Hat vs. 33.4$ million

IBM تضرب بقوة وتستحوذ على Red Hat مقابل 33.4$ مليار

Within a huge deal in the tech world, the company announced IBM announced the acquisition on Red Hat Enterprise specialized in the development of systems open source which are submitted to cloud services, as part of the deal reached $ 33.4 billion.

Are considered Red Hat is one of the leading companies in the field of providing systems, open source and cloud services for business, companies, and the company itself as the key providers of systems and open source services in the field of business, where in its work on cloud services and servers Linux.

And it’s true that the numbers confirm the emergence of Red Hat in this area, where the first company in the income exceeding a billion dollars, which means the value of the rate IBM for this company to be attached within the services section of the hybrid cloud “Hybrid Cloud”.

And IBM to enter the cloud services market big to compete with Amazon parking, in addition to Microsoft, which recently signed a partnership with Adobe and SAP to develop a cloud services business. And through the acquisition of new provide their services to companies to help them do their business via cloud services.

Worth mentioning that this is the page the largest giant of American technology, it is also the largest acquire a company providing open-source systems.

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