IBM know not the smallest computer in the world, which is smaller than a grain of salt


Should not be large size, but it should be strong at the same time. I understand companies This decades ago, and that’s why we have devices that are in our possession today instead of computers, which consume the whole room. Having said that, it has been revealed IBM today about what you call the smallest computer in the world. In fact, it is smaller than a grain of salt.

Will be IBM unveiled the smallest laptop in the world on the first day of the Conference of the IBM Think 2018. It says that this computer is smaller than a grain of salt and it has the same computing power that is available on x86 processors that were released in the year 1990. Of course, this is not sufficient for the tasks performed by most of us on computers all day, but this is not the purpose of this chip in the first place.

Tell IBM that this chip will be ” hundreds of transistors“, will be added less than ten cents to manufacture. American company said also that it will be capable of monitoring, communication, analysis, and handling data. It is supposed to be a source of data for the block, and has the ability to track cargo, and detect theft, fraud, non-compliance with regulations. Moreover, it was speculated that this tiny chip will be able to perform the functions of the artificial intelligence core, including sorting the data.

Researchers at the IBM test just prototype of this chip, so it is currently unclear when we’ll see these chips make their way into commercial devices.


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