IBM piloting process of the encrypted digital pegged to the US dollar

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IBM تقوم بتجريب عملة رقمية مشفرة مربوطة بالدولار الأمريكي

Cooperate IBM IBM with the company “Stronghold” Stronghold, an emerging company in the field of financial technology to adopt a global system of States and global trade, for the launch of a number of coded pegged to the US dollar, has developed a technology giant its weight behind the so-called dollar encrypted, a numeric code is associated in principle in the currency supported by the government, in order to reduce the volatility associated with the default, so that going to IBM to explore how to use this currency across the platform, wear your Chi.

According to IBM, the digital currency encrypted in this case, which is called the “Stronghold USD”, supported by the corporation insurance to federal deposit insurance in the United States, with reserves by the asset management company “Prime trust” Prime Trust.

He told IBM that they will choose to work green default to explore possible ways to help banks and other financial institutions to process payments faster and safer, where the aim is the dollar encrypted to minimize the fluctuations common in the market of digital currency encrypted and instill more confidence in the digital currency encrypted and increase their usefulness on the basis of technical advantages to wear your Qi and the transfer of funds throughout the economy of the world.

Used company Stronghold Protocol platform block Chi-Stellar Network for the launch of a new digital currency, where the derivative of this action deposits the liquidity of the Company your company’s Prime Trust, based in Nevada, which in turn will Deposit the cash in banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

This move represents a new boost to the giant of information technology in the world of technologies the digital currency encrypted networks block your Chi, which is a common database is maintained through a network of computers connected to the internet, and collaborated with IBM earlier this year with a company period Veridium emerging work in the field of environmental technology, to achieve carbon credits, and negotiable instruments aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, to the digital codes.

As the company uses digital tokens named lummen lumens from a company blocks your Qi Stellar to provide payments faster between the Union of banks, easing the platform block Qi-IBM platform block Qi of the original that supports the work of the bitcoin digital, that’s where the platform block you Chi for bitcoin in general and allow anyone to participate, while the platform IBM for use for a certain number of trusted parties.

Was the design process of the Stronghold USD for use between companies, such as financial institutions, multinational corporations that manage financial assets, may be tokens for this action are available to retail customers in the coming months, as with the increasing popularity of the applications that use the technology to block your Chi, the trade will get alternatives cheaper, faster and more secure than cash, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers.

The value of the currency market digital current by more than $ 270 million, according to CoinMarketCap, has seen this market a period of significant contraction since the beginning of the year, where the record of the digital currency the most famous in the world, the bitcoin, a sharp decline from the higher levels of the standard near 20 thousand dollars late last year to about $ 6,700 today.

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