ICO-projects received more than $ 2 billion since the beginning of 2018

Last week, Pavel Durov gave a report on raised funds to ICO Telegram. The first phase pre-sale of tokens brought the team $ 850 million from 81 investors. Soon the staff will hold a second round of investment and will earn even more. Huge numbers is not an accident. The growth of interest in the ICO projects are visible all over the world.

ICO projects hit record

This is evidenced by data Tokendata, reports the News.bitcoin. Representatives from the organization shared information about the volume of investment. Numbers separated by months.

January 2018 was a record and brought the author of the project of $ 1.5 billion. The February result three times less, but it does not take into account the success of the Telegram. The result is nearly $ 3 billion since the beginning of the year.

The contrast is huge — last March, the company received a total of $ 5 million. The overall figure for the year 2017 totaled $ 5.7 billion.

In the new record 2018, no doubt. If you were going to create their own tokens, do it now. The best time for the ICO has not happened.

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