IDC believes that Microsoft will not catch Sony in sales of household appliances of this generation


The timing of Microsoft a while ago about the problems of the device sales its domestic, Xbox One, and we have only predictions and estimates, which indicate that the device has exceeded the barrier of the thirty million unit selling, and this means that sales are likely to continue or less than half of the sales achieved by the Sony device domestic PlayStation fourth.

2018 seems sweeping plates of the fourth with an almost endless list of exclusive powers, and it seems very promising also for your new hybrid Switch that brought back the company into to the fore again. Well, what about Microsoft? Have Microsoft got their good list of exclusive coming in 2018 like a Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3, but will it be enough to stand in the face of tide of Japan of Sony and need to? Here’s what he sees Lewis Ward Director of research agency IDC through his interview with Western media:

Yes, they don’t have another option. I think that the list of exclusive worthy of respect, at least you can see them for next year. I’m sure that there will be a game Halo new huge coming is Xbox in 2018, with regard to the freedom of household appliances for the second part, I was losing it already in favor of Sony.The goal now is to make the system economic system the Windows 10 profit as much as possible and reach out to the largest possible size.

The race closest between Sony and Microsoft currently is in. if your Xbox One X will be able to think on PS4 sales Pro in the United States of America in 2018. This may happen, and would be a big step for Microsoft with the beginning of the second half of the life cycle of the second generation.

Personally, I don’t expect to win Microsoft this battle also, because the device is Sony’s cheaper, and powered with an exclusive menu of acceptable commercially even wider. I think Microsoft needs to increase its investment in first-party has been prominent, and I don’t think they put in their current are able to maintain the same pace of PlayStation IV or Starter.

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