Identity theft happen more often. The blockchain may correct the situation

Remember the scandal around the leak data from Facebook? The personal data of more than 50 million users of the platform fell to the third party — Cambridge Analytica, founded by billionaire Robert Mercer. Some time later, Mercer provided support to the presidential campaign of Donald trump, which was allegedly used psychological profile visitors Facebook to incline them to the side of the right candidate.

In 2018, all these events received wide publicity, and the founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg visited the questioning in the U.S. Congress. If the world has used the blockchain, the privacy people would have been in their own hands. Thanks to new technologies we now have a rare opportunity to reclaim what is for some reason owned by large corporations.

How to deal with data breaches?

Transfer valuable information to a third party it happens more often than you imagine. Vulnerability and problems in the security of websites has become a cause of the leak of millions of email addresses and passwords of ordinary users.

You may also become the victim of a leak, without knowing it. To check this, visit the portal haveibeenpwned and enter your e-mail address in the box on the main page. If he appeared in any leaks, you will see something like the screenshot below.

Source: Haveibeenpwned

Unfortunately, one of my old mailboxes really under threat. In this case, I immediately change the password from him. Take my example, if your mail was also in the list are merged. In addition, for each account cryptomeria and postal services always use different passwords.

The leakage of biometric data is also not protected. This month the network was found more than 23 gigabytes with fingerprints, merged with the British banking institutions and several police databases.

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What can the blockchain?

From the above cases have in common is stolen then the data is kept centralized company. They can keep information on your own servers or use third-party companies, but this fact does not change. The owners of personal data people will always be a target for hackers, it is better to hack the company with 50 thousand passwords than to take up each user separately.

The blockchain will help to avoid serious threats to the privacy of the person and take the situation into their own hands. There are many concepts about the possibilities of decentralized information storage, which will significantly reduce the risks and cases of thefts.

Source: Bitcoinist

Imagine the following: the person keeps on his device private key that is associated with his personality. To run the application, it uses fingerprint, then scans the QR code and confirms his identity without filling out any forms. The application will send notifications in real time if someone attempts to impersonate a data owner. Therefore, to deal with fraud will be easier.

Another situation: a visit to a medical institution. We are going to decide what personal information you will see the doctor. All it will be stored in encrypted form on the device. Isn’t it cool?

Today hacking and data theft becoming increasingly common, so users will look for ways to stay safe online. The blockchain is perfect for the role of the Savior, who will return the people control over privacy. Because so many companies want to use this technology, sooner or later we to it will come.

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