If httpd or buy, WhatsApp released a new version of its application

The company launched “WhatsApp” WhatsApp officially a new application targeting customers of business owners, corporate and business and small businesses, can better communicate with your clients and customers.

The application of “watts August business” WhatsApp Business App initial point of entry to investigate in the trade market, and buying and selling, targeted by the company to be a copy of the page “Facebook”, containing corporate data and presentations of their products, and can easily communicate between companies and their customers, it also ensures the privacy of this communication confirms the credibility of the company and the client through the confirmation of their data, their phone numbers on the application platform.

Provided the “WhatsApp” app for free, available on Android phones Android just yet, in some markets, including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom and the United States of America, in order to try it before its global launch soon.

The app includes a lot of features to facilitate communication between the client and the owners of commercial activities, including Messaging, smart messaging and auto-rapid on the common questions customers and welcome messages, automatic etc., can also receive messages and respond to them through “WhatsApp web” WhatsApp Web on desktop computers, PC.

The company reported that the application of its business direction will be followed later by large companies, enable it to become sophisticated platform targeting banking services and e-commerce sites large services of the airlines, however, those solutions will not be free.

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