If residents in El Gouna and Beverly Hills, then try to apply Baddel.. and soon in other areas

Browse your personal account today?, Must have pictures of scooters and codification of one of the pioneers of Facebook from the garage “instead of” draw your attention, make you ask: “who are these people?.. What is the tale of the garage paint”, will be held details of the “buckle” in the following lines..

The idea of “instead of” Baddel is a station dedicated to bicycles, anyone can ride her through the use of the application “baddel”, designed to be a motorcycle a means of development most prevalent in Egypt.

“Allowance” is an application you can download it on the Google Play Store now, but would prefer to be residents of El Gouna and the compound “Beverly Hills”, because they places available in the garage “instead of” even now, don’t be sad.. in the coming days you will be establishing new branches in areas that may be close to your house.

The status that you are living in the former places, here are the steps to activate the application “rather than”..

  • Campaign application “instead of” on your mobile.

  • Record your name and password, you can login from Facebook account.

  • Enter the code located on the bike by snapping a picture of him, to open the bike lock automatic.

  • Enjoy your trip and don’t forget that the payment will be deducted from your balance, after the completion of the journey and cranny of the bike in the garage branches “rather than” near you.

By the way, Lugo “instead of” its color black and also bear the same color logo, but since the months to come “instead of” with CIB bank so, you will see the color of the two no, the color of the bank’s logo, color “instead of” black in green.

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