If the battery time of Android smartphones will increase, then it will have to thank iPhone

Want accept it or not, but smartphones are the most important devices in our lives. They contain all our contacts, messages, photos, know our location and all our correspondence and so on. And it would be wise to have these vital tools remain reliable. Although they have one weak spot. Do a search for “battery life of the smartphone,” and you are very surprised that almost all phone models in varying degrees are broken because of the battery. However, there is a solution. And ready to give it to the world of Apple.

Apple can once again set trends for all

The problem of modern batteries?

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in battery life. Smartphone middle class that can’t compete on design, camera, and gaming functions took a different approach to “killing the leaders”, offering the best battery life. That’s why you’ll see a flagship phone with a battery of 3000 mAh from the same manufacturer of phones and affordable phone with battery 4000 or 4500 mAh from the other.

However, Apple has released a new iPhone, which was thinner and faster than the previous model, but not better in regards to battery life. With a family of 11 Apple iPhone changed everything. And now it will be picked up by other manufacturers. But first let’s dive into history.

At that time, as the larger smartphone models from Apple, with a note Plus have largely been able to hold a charge throughout the day, regular phones iPhone family 6, 7 and 8 to make it was not. But the same applies to other leaders, and those present then on the market — the Galaxy S6, S7 and S8 from Samsung or LG with their G7 and G8 ThinQ. While never an impressive battery life made to blossom an entire ecosystem of accessories. Just think: the external battery is 10000 mAh that need to carry — it is a necessity. And you often use the power Bank? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

But everything changed when Apple introduced the iPhone 11, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. Of course, the system with three cameras, a bionic chip A13 and an amazing screen required a lot of energy to work, but nothing has surprised more than a change in the system of batteries. Apple made their iPhone 2019 is a bit thicker and slightly heavier than previous models, to fit inside of the new battery. What is the result? Reviews about smartphones in one voice say that the iPhone family 11 is the best choice, if you value autonomy.

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So while Apple went the way of reducing devices, all blindly followed her. However, now copartnery changed direction and, apparently, they will again be many. For example, recent rumors about the flagship of Samsung 2020 in the face of the Galaxy S11 saying that it will offer the best battery life at the expense of increasing the size. LG will also need to do something, not to stay in the side. I wonder what this situation will take Google? Upcoming 2020 becomes all the more interesting.

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