If the iPhone falls victim to a U.S.-China war?

In the next portion of the complete fog I want to tell you about a trade war between the US and China, like, no we are not related to us. If you care about the iPhone, alas, this topic concerns you. I could immediately answer the question posed in the title in the beginning. If anything incredible and unexpected happens, with a probability of almost one hundred percent of the outcome of the current crisis can be predicted. But I will not. Simply, in his usual vague manner, I will state some facts of this war.

A trade war between the US and China can greatly affect the iPhone

And iPhone this story is concerned because, as you know, these smart phones have made Apple one of the richest IT companies in the world (probably the richest) from the very beginning of their history were produced in the special economic region in southern China. Of the most selfish reasons in the beginning of this Millennium the production of personal computers and gadgets emigrated EN masse from the United States. As a result, despite substantial complication of the logistics, all of these products were cheaper, and bought up unprecedented numbers.

The then Apple Computer were involved in this process one of the last, when no other way was not. Steve was against this move, but the situation is rapidly changing, and Tim cook was tasked to organize the production of Macs in China. Tim managed. By the time the iPhone first production complex in South-East Asia worked smoothly. And if the first iPhone was made in the US, it would be much more expensive, and he would have no chance for great success. If at all, would have a chance of success.

That free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, smart people warned even back then, representatives of the IT industry agree with smart people – but do not be tempted by the opportunity to reduce costs and increase profits, they could not. The conquest of the world people’s Republic of China was gaining momentum, factories in Shenzhen accumulated experience, they’re all better cope with the challenges. Once Europeans brought opium into China, now the Chinese hoisted the IT industry and the population of Western countries even more powerful drug. The trap is sprung.

Started a trade war

In the holiday quarter of 2018, for the first time since “beginning of time”, the iPhone sales fell compared with the same quarter of the previous year. In fact, that the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max shocking road says it all. That to withstand competition from fellow Chinese brands XS will not be able too. They were produced by the same factories, the engineers learned a lot from “overseas devils” for half a decade easily and close enough to the original tale that appeared in the iPhone, and in some even surpassed their teachers. “Chinese” was cheaper from the point of view of the man in the street is no worse – the result was predictable. The media willingly repeated these predictions, and those same people in the street, without going into details, do your own conclusions: Apple has lost the competition, plus nobody cares, not buying one. If Apple loses money, closes, goes to some subscription services. Those who have been waiting for this since 1996 can open the champagne: it happened!

Actually, any damages to Apple, not carried. The iPhone brought Apple on 15% less income than in 2017, but, nevertheless, the company posted on iPhone tens of billions of dollars, having sold almost a hundred million “useless” devices. But, nevertheless, it was a very alarming symptom, and something had to change. Apple is one of the icons of the American economy. Tim cook has supported Hillary Clinton, but a threat to Apple trump took very seriously and took action. “Chinese,” has complicated the access to the us market. USA is the main market for Apple here earned half of its profits. The second largest market for Apple is China, and this is no coincidence. Apple has applied to the penetration of this market a lot of efforts since the late 90s.

In early August of this year, the US administration started to correct long-standing and very serious errors of the IT industry, of course by administrative methods. We are talking about “tariffs”, additional 10% tax on imported U.S. products to China. A month later, in September, the actual cost of the iPhone (and other Apple products produced in China) had to increase. The introduction of the new rules has been postponed, most likely until December. The most unpleasant in all this is the right step that should have taken twenty years ago, when all this Chinese history only began. Today, things have gone too far, and now it’s very easy – and without casualties this started the disease is not curable.

It was after this meeting that meme was born “Tim Apple”

In China, the second largest market of Apple products Apple sold worse than before. Blame and competition with local brands, and the political situation. If the trade war of the Apple products will rise in price on the us market, a position Apple can not deteriorate. I doubt that it will do Apple good. By the way, there are – though very small, probability of such development (difficulties sometimes benefit). But most likely, nothing good for this situation promises.

The mysterious events of August 2019

Why Apple releases beta versions of new operating systems to developers? In order to enable them to consider in their software, new trends, and by the time of release to use them. Depends on their success, and the success of the platform. Usually, according to the tradition which for many years provides developers with a beta version of one of the nearest release. In the company in the development may be the next few releases, it’s no problem – but not for developers outside the company. If Apple released at the same time, the beta version from two releases of some operating systems that are significantly different from one another, which of the releases they would be focused?

This is hypothetical, and quite a stupid question we recently received a completely real answer. A little history: August 21 this year, Apple released the eighth beta version of iOS iPadOS 13 and 13. Before the new release, according to past experience, remained for almost a month. And on 27 August a strange thing happened: Apple released the first beta of iOS iPad 13.1 and 13.1. The eighth beta version of iOS iPadOS 13 and 13 was the last beta release. Developers have been beta versions of two iOS releases, and iPadOS. Experiment? Why? I was thinking that iOS/iPadOS 13 revealed something incompatible with life, but quickly realized that in such a situation to rename the system version the release is not out yet is pointless. And revealing something incompatible with life during the beta-testing something unnatural is not. Actually, for this purpose it is made.

The beta version of the next release will be published not earlier than the given release is considered completed and released its GM (gold Master). Between the official GM release and the differences are minimal. We can assume that between 21 and 27 August, without public its announcement, GM released new versions of iOS iPadOS 13 and 13, which were installed on the new iPhone models arriving in the US prior to the commencement of the new tariffs. Otherwise, those who consider the Apple of our days, the company lost the best of what it has become one of the most influential IT companies of our day would call that proof of their point of view. 19 Sep iOS 13. September 24 – iOS iPadOS 13.1 and 13.1, and then, on 2 October, came the first beta of iOS/iPadOS 13.2.

What led trade war

20 Oct 2019 became aware of the fact that Tim cook elected Chairman of the Board of the Tsinghua University in Beijing, for the period until 2022.

Tim cook at a recent meeting with Chinese officials

Prior to this, Tim was asked to remove the App Store app HKMap used during the riots in Hong Kong for the detection of the police rapid reaction force. A group of lawyers in the United States immediately protested for this reason. That is, Tim is trying to maintain good relations for the second largest market for Apple. Almost simultaneously, in India, near Chennai (formerly Madras), has begun production of the iPhone XR. Now they are preparing for the release of the iPhone 11 and it seems that this is only the beginning.

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