If you lost the headphones AirPods and you can’t find don’t worry here’s the solution in detail

I have Apple devices tool known as “Find My AirPods” those that allow you to view its location on the map and you can also make headphones AirPods your launches whistling sound amazing abruptly if powered.

This feature is part of the tool “Find My iPhone” from Apple which allows you to also find devices iPad, and Mac lost and you can access it in two ways using the app Find My iPhone on iPhone or iPad, or by logging in to the site iCloud.com/find on a personal computer or a Mac.


Find headphones with Apple ID

Run the app or visit the website and sign in using your Apple ID and if it is paired AirPods with your device iPhone or iPad associated with your Apple will appear in the list under “My devices”.

If you turn on the sky of your you will appear on the “Online” here to show the AirPods only on the internet if it is in the scope of the iPhone or iPad, if the outside of the case and if it has battery power and also if the sky was outside the scope of your device or out of battery power will appear as “offline” instead.

If your speakers are not connected for any reason, you can click on them, you may be able to see his last known position. this gives you an idea of the last place you use it is a good place to start the search and in some cases won’t be able to see the last known location at all and you will see the image of the sky above gray map of the world.

If you have used another means at your desk before you go home and you can put the hearing devices in the case of your shipment, and if I dropped the sky in the street on your way home will be “last known location” is your office because this is the last place it was connected to the internet and your phone.

If the heavens appear on the Internet you can click it in the list and view its location on the map and this will be soon from your iPhone or iPad to your and press the button “play sound” to play a sound alert sound extremely high on every device the heavens that helps you find fish with ease

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