If your phone is Android.. How to scoop up the “screen shot” to celebrate it?!

Can the vast majority of devices running Android, from smartphones, or tablet computers (tablets), capture a screenshot (screen shot) Screenshot and keep it on the device by pressing button Power (Power) Power button to reduce the sound (Volume down) together at the same time, so in all devices running Android 4 (Android Ice Cream Sandwich) and later versions of it.

And keep the phone captured image of the company automatically, often in a folder called Screenshots within the pictures folder the Pictures, the inside of the operating system files on the phone.

But this is not the only way to capture the screen shot to the screen of the phone, there is another way to free!

Use the tool to screen shot the built-in phone

Provides the Android operating system tool to capture the screenshot, a tool for screen-shot Screenshot, and there in the main menu drop-down of the phone, which is opened by passing a finger from the top of the phone screen down vertically.

To do this, open the phone on the screen that you want to capture the screen shot to him, and swipe your finger from the top of the phone down vertically, and press on the tool screen shot in the menu, to the phone to capture the image of the company and save them automatically on the device.

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